***Sassy Gig***

Hey Y'all! I am so happy to see you here! This is your personal invite to join me in this Sassy Gig. Read all about it in the WELCOME post below, If you also click on "Watch the Video" you will see what I use as a tremendous support in this journey. Get on in here Sister!



Thanks so much for stopping by our lil ole site – I am so glad you are here!!!

Y’all, the first thing you should know is I’m as southern as collard greens and cornbread.  Sometimes that brings out the sass in me.  You needed to know that up front because sometimes I type with my sassy-pants on.  However, please don’t ever mistake my sassiness for Un-Godliness.  Girl, I LOVE my Jesus.

The next thing you need to know is that I am NOT a doctor or medical professional.  I, of   course suggest you work with your doctor in creating a weight loss plan that’s best for you.  This Blog only depicts my preferences and opinions 🙂

WELL…….I created this site with big hopes that I could provide a place where we sister-friends could unite.  We, who are just plain tired…..and sick – sick….and tired.  I mean, of the whole same ole mundane way of trying to stay above the wellness line.  Do you know what I mean?  Let me give you a little backstory.  Here, pull up a chair.

My name is Dianne Gill and I am coming to you from E. Tennessee.  I have had a lifetime of struggles with my weight.  It has been up so high that not only did I have my jeans screamin’,  even my socks screamed when I put them on.   Conversely, I’ve been down so low that I wanted to strut like a peacock straight down the middle of Main Street with my best fittin’ jeans on. (Now there’s a visual).  Yeah, that was short lived but by-gum I did it.  (Yes, I really did and I see you judgin’ right now).

I have a sluggish thyroid that I’ve been doctorin’ most all of my life.  I’ve been a lifetime power-walker for this very reason.  Thing about that is that now my knees are good and mad at me and I have been nursing them for several years.  Now add to that I’ve been working from home for the last 6 years and BAM…..guess where I find myself today — yep, back to screaming socks!!  UH HUH, you thought I was going to tell you my weight didn’t you?  No-can-do,  Cock-a-tu!

So here I sit out in Podunk TN (happily btw), no gyms nearby, not a lot of friends close by (because, again……….I live in Podunk) and thinking there must be others out there like me who need the boost, comradery, encouragement, friendship to get back on that horse………again.

Hence the birth of: Wellness with Southern Sass.   Sweet friends our health is of super high importance.  I mean, we have this one life, ONE!  It’s apparent that we need to take good care of it but for some it comes with struggle (Ew, ew, ME ME!!!) especially where weight is concerned.  I know there are many others who share my dilemma.  I created this blog to be a journey for all of us together……a platform for we STRONG, resilient, strugglers to draw support from each other; to give each other a hand up; to encourage and serve each other.  That’s how God made us, friends.

SO, In the spirit of health and wellness please join me (follow this blog and Facebook page), won’t you? Grab your friends, neighbors, co-workers, employees, anyone who could benefit from such Tribe as this.  We will have check ins and I encourage you to join in, leave comments, get a conversation going.  I am so thrilled to be on this journey with you.

Friends I want to challenge you to be your best weight, where you feel your best.  Shoot, Y’all, I will always let my Maker and my doctor be my best guide and I hope you do too.  However, I have had this body of mine for many years and I know what it’s capable of and what it reacts to best.  SO, I want to commit for a year.  ONE WHOLE YEAR.  Can you do it? YES YOU CAN!  Can I do it?  YES I CAN!!   WHY?  Because we are going to help each other and HOLD ourselves accountable.  For those who have no weight to lose….Get yourself on in here Lovey!  We need you too, Just set yourself a health goal whatever it might be!  Healthy is all shapes, sizes, skin tone and culture.  We can encourage each other in whatever goal we set for ourselves.

There are several helpful tabs on this site in which we can share.  Please feel free to share goals, triumphs and wonderful LOSSES here!!!  Now, GIDDY UP!!  I’m so excited!



4 thoughts on “WELCOME Y’ALL!

  1. I’m on board, count me in. I need support and having a few sassy sister friends to take this feat on with is just what I’ve been looking for. There isn’t anything else quite like this out there that I’ve seen, love the kitchen table talk. Can’t wait to get started!


    1. Thanks so much Reese! So glad you’re joining us!! Not sure I can wait until APRIL!!


  2. Oh my dear friend, im on board.See me sitting in the front seat. Between diabetes and back pain. My body said ‘ Get on and ride the healthy train. Im all in ….. Love you my sista🍻


    1. OH MY WEEZA!!! So happy to see you here! You’ve done amazingly well so far! Are we making this promise for one year???


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