My Oily Story – What’s Yours?

There is a reason I’m so passionate about Young Living Essential Oils Y’all.  Grab some coffee and let me explain.

You might recall that I work from home out in Podunk, Tn, remember?  Well, I don’t know a lot of folks here but I do have a church home.  There are so many precious people there but one in particular, my sweet friend, Linda and I have become good friends.  One day she invited me to an “Ulls” class. (That’s how we southerner’s pronounce oils ya know?)  WELL, girl, I jumped at the opportunity get out of the house after work.  I didn’t know what kind of class I was going to that taught about motor ull but I was happy to go to get out of the house.

Turns out it wasn’t about motor oil at all!   Up in front of this big group of women stood the most beautiful lady who, turns out was a local physician!  She was teaching on the incredible powers of God’s creation, essential oils.  Friends, I may not have known WHY I was going or to WHAT I was going but I surely am glad God put me on Linda’s heart to invite me.  After hearing a well-educated physician stand before me with such amazing conviction about what they do for her I knew I wanted in!  I bought a Premium Starter Kit right there on the spot that night.

Fast forward to one+  year later.   I started out using oils to diffuse.  They smelled amazing and tons to choose from with Young Living.  As I progressed in learning more and more about how they support our bodies in so many ways I am now totally smitten.  Y’all can I just share a little love with ya???

SLEEP – I have never been a great sleeper until now.  The SLEEP oils are incredible!

EMOTIONS – I am a woman who had the most terrible misfortune of finding her mother, lifeless, when I was 15 years old.  Second to that I lost my only child 10 years ago.  I covered up those terrible emotions by stuffing them deep, deep inside.  The wonderful oils that I have used for Emotions (The Feelings kit among others) has freed me of so very much of that stress.  I now deal with those emotions in a healthy way which has made me a happier person.

ENERGY / OIL INFUSED SUPPLEMENTS:  I have been trying different ALL NATURAL supplements over the last 9 mos and I cannot be happier with my choices.  Young Living has the most potent super-juice drink on the planet with Ningxia.  I can attest because I live it!  My energy is through the roof.  Friends, I am as real as I can be with you right now.

I could go on and on.  If you just read the above then you SO GET why I will be incorporating these essential oils and essential oil infused products during my health journey.   I would be elated if that is something you would like to do to!!!  I am now a Young Living Distributor and Educator and I love spreading the joy! If you think you would like to join me in that journey please take a look around  Diannes Oily Life and when you’re ready click on Place an Order to choose your kit.  I have to add that I send out a pretty neat gift with every Sign up 🙂  See ya, Oily sister.

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