My friend your first line of defense in battling the bulge is your eating habits.  Next, Finish-Strong.pnggetting off of that couch and moving has to be our second.  C’mon we know how it’s done don’t we?  We’ve done this a hundred times.  Let’s make it our last.  I dare you to make this a lifestyle change.  I think it’s time we check ourselves before we wreck ourselves.  (see what I did there?) Yea, that’s corny, I’m sorry.

After knee surgery last December the doc says no more walking for me until I have a total knee replacement.  I’ve been a walker since I was 10 years old!  So, I can’t sit here and keep growin…..heck no.  I have to find another way to exercise.  So, I sold my treadmill I hold so dearly and now I just have to transfer all of that love over to my water rower and bike trainer.  I have a basement turned gym/theater/game room that has everything I need.  You  know what it don’t have?  CHEESE to go with my WHINE!!   So I won’t take it there!  Grrrrr, I’m killin’ it in my head already!  You are too!

Comment below on how you plan to take the bull by the horns with exercise.  Do you live in a rural area like me?  What forces you to step out of your comfort zone?

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