OH WAIT…..were you thinking this kind of biking? OH contraire my friend.  How are we Bike.jpggoing to unpack pounds on our flower-pickin’  bike?  OK, OK, kidding…….I love a good Granny Bike.  We all have to start somewhere y’all.  In fact, this is a great place to start if you’re not active at all.  Nice slow stretching first would really behoove you.

I will be doing a lot of biking but inside my home gym.  It’s actually a great spot in my basement and my bike is now in a trainer.  No, I don’t have a trainer who swallowed my bike.  A bike trainer is an apparatus that allows a bicycle’s tires to be cradled in them and therefore hold the bike up.

This is very helpful for those of us who live in not only a desolate place but one which is full of hills and mountains.  I have ridden my fair share in these hills however I really respect my knees having just had surgery two months ago and I just need to take baby steps.  Nothing wrong with Granny bikes and baby steps my friend.

I am thinking my Granny Bike just might lead to this…………WHO’S WITH ME?



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