Nikes.jpgY’all, I have been a lifetime walker.  I can remember as far back as 10 years old loving to walk.  I am a Floridian.  I grew up in the country (shocker, I know) on a long dirt road with so many other family members.  It was a homestead really.  Gosh, I wonder how many miles I clocked there in my youth…..bare foot 🙂  If those old dirt roads could talk.

I have always found great solitude in walking.  It’s where I do my best thinking.  It’s where I find my best resolutions.  It is the alone time that allows me to think thoughts that only my God and I hear.  It allows me to hear Him clearly.  Perhaps that is why I grew to love it so much.  As the years passed and I reached adolescence it became a source of exercise.

All of the walking took on intention as I entered high school.  That is when, in my young, naive head, I needed to look like so many of my beautiful thinner peers.  Through my own self-consciousness I told myself I was the biggest girl in the school and although that was insane and untrue it kept the fire in me to exercise.  I needed to keep my weight at bay for a good self imagine.  I lost that battle time and time again but I am a resilient son of a gun.  GIRL, I will fight the fight………a thousand times over.  I will keep getting up and getting up and getting up until this tired worn out body is too old to fight the fight and God calls me home.

Although after the knee surgery my orthopedist tells me walking is over for me until I get myself a new one, I will continue to GET UP, find a way, figure it out, row, bike, core but BABY I AINT DONE YET!!

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