Kitchen Table Talk

HELLO my Sassy, Saucy friends.  I wanted a place we could go and talk Girl Talk.   There is nothing I love better than a weekend with my Girls to talk smack.  We share our opinions on anything from essential oils to food and recipes to  hobbies and men.

What this page is NOT is mean-spirited.  We are light hearted, fun loving, sisters who stick together, love one another, lift each other up and encourage, not tear down.

So come on in and pull up a chair, grab some coffee and let’s start chatting.

2 thoughts on “Kitchen Table Talk

  1. Coffee in hand, what’s the dish about today sassy sisters. This gal is headed out for some healthy groceries for the week. Im steering clear of little Debbie and all her persuasive powers.


    1. Well, why don’t we start with curly haired cows? I mean, I have just saw my first one on my way home from Louisville the other day. I must do research on these. I got nothing but love for these moo-ers.

      OK, I change my mind. I am getting a trip on the books over to Atlanta for me and two of my besties, Dee and Vanessa. These girls have been my Sisters from another Mister for nigh on 37 years now…..WHAT? I know! We giggle and jab at each other from the minute we get together until the minute we’re not. Then we miss each other until we do it again. Tell me about your bestie(s) and what do you girls do when you get together.


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