Perfect Sausage

True enough, my method of healthy eating is hard work……… the beginning.  For the first time in all my dieting life I have found a program that I can stick by.  It’s amazing y’all.  W30 book









One of the facets of Whole 30 is to eat until your satisfied, no stuffed, not about to -bust-a-gut but nice and satisfied.  Part of satiety is a good Sausage recipebalance of all food, this includes FAT and MEAT!!  This sausage right here is one reason why I love this program so much.  Take a look at this recipe from right straight out of The Whole 30 Book.  Paul and I do take it a big step further in grinding our own sausage but it’s well worth that effort.  I firmly beleive that you get what you give when it comes to your health.



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